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Employment Opportunities at Richter, Miller & Finn

The work of the Richter, Miller & Finn law firm encompasses a wide variety of transactional, administrative and litigation matters with a heavy business orientation. These matters include: contracts, taxation (all aspects), intellectual property (all aspects), government contracts, international contracts, business acquisitions and sales, business crimes law and business related litigation of all types.

The firm is always looking for resourceful, aware, positive, "can do" type individuals with superior analytical, research and communications skills who are willing to apply themselves. Excellent writing, information gathering, and analytical skills are crucial. Although the firm is small enough that it does not "spec" hire, it is always looking for superior applicants. All potential positions are in the Washington, D.C. area. Most require travel.

At the law clerk or junior associate level, prior substantive legal knowledge in particular areas is less important than good intellectual and writing skills, and resourcefulness and a sincere interest in a business oriented law practice. Basic computer and word processing skills are assumed. We are also interested in more experienced attorney applicants with superior backgrounds and skills.

If you wish to apply, please provide the following information in written form:

  • A personalized cover letter which should briefly describe your objectives;
  • A detailed personal resume, including schools attended and degrees received, your mailing (and e-mail) address, and daytime and evening telephone numbers;
  • A listing of courses taken in law school;
  • A listing of undergraduate courses taken;
  • A listing of graduate school courses taken, if any;
  • Your work (employment) or business experiences outside of the law area, when and what;
  • Your employment history in the legal field, including a description of the specific types of legal work done and when; and
  • A description of any special skills or capabilities, including any of the following, with details: languages (reading, speaking and/or writing capabilities), computer (hardware and software), engineering (electrical, mechanical, aerospace, chemical, civil), science (physics, chemistry, biology, pharmaceutical), accounting (accounting principles, auditing, valuation), economics and finance, international travel.

Please mail your written application materials to: Richter, Miller & Finn, P.O. Box 216, Catharpin, Virginia 20143, Attention: Paul S. Richter. Mr. Richter or someone else from the law firm will contact you after reviewing the application materials which you submit in written form.

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